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Useful template functions for Go templates.

Reflection Functions

Sprig provides rudimentary reflection tools. These help advanced template developers understand the underlying Go type information for a particular value.

Go has several primitive kinds, like string, slice, int64, and bool.

Go has an open type system that allows developers to create their own types.

Sprig provides a set of functions for each.

Kind Functions

There are two Kind functions: kindOf returns the kind of an object.

kindOf "hello"

The above would return string. For simple tests (like in if blocks), the kindIs function will let you verify that a value is a particular kind:

kindIs "int" 123

The above will return true

Type Functions

Types are slightly harder to work with, so there are three different functions:

Note: None of these can test whether or not something implements a given interface, since doing so would require compiling the interface in ahead of time.


deepEqual returns true if two values are “deeply equal”

Works for non-primitive types as well (compared to the built-in eq).

deepEqual (list 1 2 3) (list 1 2 3)

The above will return true