HTML5 Parsing and Writing in PHP is finally here.


Parse html5 files, documents, and fragments to standard PHP DOM objects.

Writing (Serializing)

Turn standard DOM documents, fragments, and node lists into html5.

Configure It

Set default and call time options in the basic parser and serializer.

Build Your Own

Use the parts to build your own parser or serializer that does what you need.


The best installation method is via composer. To install add masterminds/html5-php to your composer.json file.

  "require" : {
    "masterminds/html5": "2.*"

From there, use the composer install or composer update commands to install.

Basic Usage

// An example HTML document:
$html = "<!DOCTYPE html>
  <body id='foo'>
    <h1>Hello World</h1>
    <p>This is a test of the HTML5 parser.</p>

use Masterminds\HTML5;
$html5 = new HTML5();
// Parse the document. $dom is a DOMDocument.
$dom = $html5->loadHTML($html);

print $html5->saveHTML($dom);

It's that easy. See the documentation for all the wonderful ways to parse and write html5.